Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Delirious with excitement.

After spending the last 3.5 weeks worried, stressed, and severely fatigued (Hello, 1st Trimester!), we had our third ultrasound today. We had a great vacation despite the emotions hanging over us. I was lucky that fatigue was my worst problem. I only threw up once early on, but I think it was because I was so constipated (Thanks, prenatal vitamins...). Regardless, I wanted to know if the baby was okay.

When it was time for the appointment, Rusty and I brought my mom, K, and R with us. I told them to wait in the waiting room just in case I heard bad news. Actually, I wanted Rusty in there with me, but the tech told me that he'd have to wait outside. Little did I know that I would later have major issues with this tech.

She gooped me up and turned on the machine. On the screen, I a blob that was starting to look more human-like! The heart rate was at 131 bpm. I couldn't hear it, but I could see the little waves going nuts. She zoomed in and I could see the human-like blob pulsing and she said that's where the heart was.

Little was okay!

Overjoyed, I asked the tech to grab my entourage so they could see this fascinating blob that is K and R's little sibling and NanaBob's (my mom) first biological grandbaby. They came in, I pointed to the screen and the kids broke out in giggles, my mom had an ear to ear grin on her face, and Rusty looked like a weight was off of his shoulders.

We were in the clear now for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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  1. I want to keep reading this over and over and over again! Thank you for sharing your experience! I'm going through the same thing right now. I'm in the beginning stage, I thought I was 6 weeks but the sonogram showed a VERY small p-nut in there, the tech said that I looked 4 weeks and she seemed concerned. I'm pretty sure I'm 5-6 weeks and she is wrong. I've been searching small fetal poles online and came across your photo (it looked like my mine) and I read your story. It's giving me hope that I won't miscarry again. Thanks!