Friday, June 5, 2009


My first appointment was today.

I walked into the office being 7 weeks and 2 days from my last visit from AF. The nurse practitioner asked me all sorts of questions about my habits, when I found out, etc. She gave me a due date of January 20, 2010.

I told her that my LMP was 4/15/09, but I just got my positive this week on day 48, when last week I had a negative on day 41.

Since most women receive their positive results when they take a test a 30 days, she seemed slightly confused as if I hadn't remembered my cycle correctly. Um. No. I remembered right. Because of the 18 day difference, she scheduled an immediate ultrasound to get the age of the baby. So far, it didn't seem as if it was even a viable pregnancy.

Rusty and I walked downstairs to the x-ray department and handed in our paperwork. After waiting a few minutes, they called my name. We walked in, but the nurse sent Rusty back to the waiting room. Apparently for STAT ultrasounds, only the patient can be in the room.

Now I'm alone, confused, and really nervous. She goops the gel on my (relatively) flat belly and begins swooshing around to find the little life inside of me.

All I see on her screen is static and a few blobs that I don't understand. She points out the gestational sac and the fetal pole. The measurements and stage of the baby tell her that instead of being 7 weeks along, I'm only 4 weeks, 5 days.

We go back upstairs to the OB's office. Instead of seeing the NP, we saw one of the three female doctors. We were told to schedule another ultrasound in a week to see if there was growth. The concern was whether the baby had stopped growing two and a half weeks ago, or if I just ovulated late.

We have our next appointment in 6 days.

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