Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I peed today and got the shock of my life. You see, this wasn't your everyday bathroom break. This was a day I peed on a stick (POAS) and it came up with two pink lines.

My last visit from Aunt Flo (AF) started April 15. I had taken several tests since then and they all came up as big fat negatives. A week ago, I had taken one on day 41 and got a BFN. 

Yesterday, I told Rusty that I wanted to take another test. His response: We don't need to waste $15 every time you *think* you are pregnant. Lol... famous last words. 

Today, I went against his wishes (not exactly something I'm proud of) and took a test. 

Rusty wanted to take a bike ride, and I took the opportunity to take a shower (read: POAS). While he was getting ready to leave, I hopped in the bathroom and turned on the water so he would think I was hopping right in. Instead of getting in the shower, I peed.

This time, on day 48, nearly 7 weeks after the first day of my last period, I got two pink lines before I could even get the cap on. I wasn't just pregnant, I was PREGNANT.

So now, I'm supposed to be taking a shower, Rusty had already left for his bike ride, and I'm left standing there alone holding the biggest shocker of my life. 

I took a shower with trembling knees, repeating to myself, "Oh my goodness, I'm pregnant," over and over and over. 

When Rusty got home, I called him in and pointed to the pee-stick sitting on the bathroom counter. It took him a second to understand what he was looking at. He then said with slight enthusiasm, "Congratulations," as if he was making the comment to a stranger. His next reaction was to play MarioKart on Wii for over an hour. 

I know many people wait to share the news, but we were basically 7 weeks pregnant at this point. We immediately told our parents and best friends. I waited to tell the world on Facebook until after our first appointment.

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