Friday, July 24, 2009

Death warmed over

I woke up this morning and didn't feel so hot. Instead of doing my normal routine and hanging out on Facebook, I opted for a movie on TV and some Saltines (breakfast of champions, right?). A commercial came on for a puppy pee pad. It's this little turf pad you can buy and put it in your house for your pup to use instead of going outside to do its business.

I barely had time to get to the bathroom before I tossed my biscuits (or should I say crackers?). I threw up so hard that I peed my pants (I later learned this had a term for it: vomiss). Not exactly something to be proud of. I hopped in the shower and threw up again. I got out of the shower and threw up another time.

This was essentially how the rest of my day went. The puppy pad wasn't what caused me to throw up. I had really dived head first into the wonderful world of morning sickness. Five days since the last time I threw up... I thought I had escaped it.

At 4:30 this afternoon, I found myself praying that I would stop throwing up long enough for us to make our trip out to the lake. You see, Rusty's parents have a cabin on a lake that is about 2 hours away. We had invited our friends to go out and visit and we were leaving at 5 o'clock.

My "all day" sickness was bad enough that I had to sit in the front seat of our friends' minivan. I found myself carsick at nearly every turn. I somehow survived the two hour trip to the lake without yacking all over the dashboard.

I've heard people say at the beginning of their pregnancy, "I wish I had morning sickness so I could just feel pregnant."

No. You. Don't.

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