Monday, July 27, 2009

Dear food, I miss you

We went to the lake this weekend with our friends. I got to enjoy it every now and then.

Basically, all food that went into my mouth came right back out. I felt like I had baby-induced bulimia. I was alright as long as I ate and went straight to the bathroom. I just kind of stood there and waited for it to come up. It never failed. Over the weekend, I through up 13 times. Yeah. I counted.

Today, I was dead from the moment the sun came up. I couldn't move because I was so nauseous. I finally caved and called my doctor.

I talked to the nurse and she seemed shocked I didn't call in on Friday. She said I risked becoming dehydrated and not getting enough nutrients for me and my baby.


She hung up and talked to the doctor and called back. They called in a prescription for Zofran. It's a pill that is often prescribed for pregnant women and radiation patients... Both types often have uncontrollable nausea.

So far, it's helped me keep food down, but it hasn't stopped the icky feeling I have.

Baby, please be nice to me.

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